Hot Wheat Bottle


The Drive DeVilbiss Natural Hot Wheat Bottle provides a safe and practical alternative to a traditional hot water bottle.

  • Relaxing lavender scented hot wheat botlte
  • Eliminates need for filling/spilling boiling water
  • Gently heat in microwave for a few mins
  • Provides hours of warmth

Product Features

It’s ideal for treating muscular aches and pains and the therapeutic heating properties of the Hot Wheat Bottle are effective in stimulating blood flow and promoting muscle relaxation and healing. It’s also suitable for those who find it difficult to pour boiling water into a traditional hot water bottle.

  • It is easily heated in a microwave for a few minutes and remains warm for several hours.
  • The soft fleece pouch ensures that the Hot Wheat Bag is comfortable when in use and easily moulds to soothe any area of the body.
  • A calming lavender scent also creates a sense of well-being and can aid a restful nights sleep.
  • Can be placed in the freezer for cold therapy
  • Soft fleece cover
  • Approx. size: 36cm (14”) x 24cm (9.5”)
  • Microwave heating time (0-800w) – 2 mins
  • Microwave heating time (801-1000w) – 1 min 30 secs

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36cm (14”) x 24cm (9.5”)