Neptune Bathlift


The Neptune Bathlift is one of the lightest battery powered fixed back bathlifts available, and is suitable for both corner baths and wider baths for maximum flexibility.

  • Compact design allows for space saving storage
  • Powered seat gently and safely lowers and raises
  • Seat is made from sturdy glass filled polypropylene (PP)
  • Suitable for visually impaired/those with limited dexterity

Product Features

  • Powered seat gently and safely lowers and raises users smoothly in the bath at the touch of a button to maintain hygiene and soothe aching joints in warm water
  • Compact design allows the bathlift to fit into almost any style of bath for optimal flexibility
  • Slim line structure sits at the very back of the bath giving impressive legroom and allowing space for transfers / bathing
  • Large 13cm (5″) suction feet grip securely to bath surface for added safety
  • Contoured side flaps avoid most bath handles for unobstructed use
  • Sits at only 7cm (3″) from the bottom of the bath allowing improved water immersion
  • Optional extra wide side flaps provide a safe transfer platform and maximise legroom in corner baths
  • One of the lightest fixed back bathlifts available at 9.5kg (21lb)
  • Compact design allows for space saving storage
  • Separates easily into 2 lightweight sections for quick fitting and removal
  • Smooth and accessible surfaces enable quick and simple cleaning of the lift and the bath
  • Antimicrobial solution in suction feet, base frame and handset assists with infection and hygiene control
  • Waterproof, slim line hand control with large textured rocker switches can be operated by people with limited dexterity or visual impairment
  • Battery level indicator light monitors when recharging is required and Stop Descent™ feature prevents bathlift from lowering without sufficient battery power to rise
  • Seat is made from sturdy glass filled polypropylene (PP) with a robust, rust proof aluminium frame
  • Suitable for thermal decontamination in automated washing machines (excluding battery)
  • Warranty – 5 years on frame/seat, 2 years on consumables and 1 year on battery and accessories

Additional information


Drive Devilbiss

Overall width (seat inc side flaps)

73cm (29”)

Seat width

35cm (14”)

Seat depth

41cm (16”)

Height of backrest

66cm (26”)

Width of backrest

34cm (13”)

Width of baseplate

33.5cm (13”)

Height min

7cm (3”)

Height max

43.5cm (17”)

Baseplate depth

39cm (15”)

Depth (with backrest upright)

58cm (23”)

Weight (without battery)

9.5kg (21lb)

Maximum weight capacity

160kg (25st)