Saver Bathlift


The Saver Bathlift is an impressive, lightweight and innovative fixed-back bathlift suitable for adults and children with a wide range of accessories.

  • Fits almost any style of bath including corner baths
  • Lightweight, compact design curves around body
  • Wide range of optional extras are available
  • Manufactured from robust plastic

Product Features

Fits almost any style of bath maximising legroom and separates into 3 pieces for easier moving and handling.

  • Powered seat gently and safely lowers and raises users smoothly in the bath at the touch of a button
  • Fits almost any style of bath including corner baths
  • Fixed-back design allows positioning at the back of the bath maximising legroom for transfers / bathing
  • Supplied with side flap protectors to allow unobstructed movement over bath handles
  • Optional middle suction feet are available for secure positioning on uneven surfaces
  • High seat travel allows safe, level transfer in deeper baths and low travel offers excellent immersion in shallow baths
  • Separates easily into 3 lightweight pieces for easy transportation
  • Lightweight, compact design curves around body
  • Can be used with or without covers; optional covers are easily removable for machine washing
  • Accessible surfaces enable easy cleaning of the bathlift and the bath
  • Lightweight, floating, fully waterproof hand control is comfortable to hold with soft touch buttons, which are easy to operate for users with limited dexterity or sight impairment
  • Battery indicator light signals red when recharging is required
  • Built-in safety feature prevents bathlift from lowering unless there is sufficient charge to raise users to the top of the bath
  • Pronged connectors enable easy attachment / detachment of battery and charger for recharging
  • Wide range of optional extras are available (see page 141)
  • Manufactured from robust plastic with aluminium tubing on base frame
  • Suitable for thermal decontamination in automated washing machines (excluding battery)
  • Interchangeable spare parts & accessories with Premier Plus Bathlift (see page 147)
  • Warranty – 3 years on bathlift, 1 year on battery hand control, charger and accessories

Additional information


Drive Devilbiss

Verall length (with backrest in a reclined position)

54cm (21”) (standing)

Overall width (seat inc side flaps)

72.5cm (28.5”)

Seat width

35cm (13”)

Seat depth

40cm (16”)

Seat height min

7.8cm (3”)

Seat height max

46.5cm (18.3”)

Height of backrest

62cm (24”)

Width of backrest

35.5cm (14”)

Width of baseplate

28.5cm (11”)

Length of baseplate

43cm (16.5”)

Duration of lifting / lowering

1 minute 6 seconds

Load capacity max.

160kg (24st)

Total weight with storage battery

10.9kg (24lb)

Frame weight

4.8kg (10.6lb)

Seat assembly weight

3.06kg (6.7lb)

Actuator weight

3.1kg (6.9lb)

Maximum weight capacity

160kg (24st)