Supreme Adjustable Beds Dual/Twin


Get the sleep you deserve with Breeze’s Supreme Bespoke Adjustable Beds

We offer a luxurious range of adjustable beds with a variety of optional extras and various design features to help you achieve better quality sleep.

Our adjustable beds are suited for those suffering with varying conditions such as;

  • Arthritis,
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Water Retention,
  • Back problems,
  • Heart conditions,
  • Breathing conditions,
  • Acid Reflux,
  • Diabetes,
  • COPD

All of our adjustable beds are created with a beech 5 fold action frame mechanism, handmade in the UK and with a mattress that can be built to your height & weight, depending on the support needed.

Our adjustable bed range can be chosen in a variety of sizes including single, doubles and dual adjustable beds.

Bed heights can also be altered to suit your individual specification.


ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON:           0333 006 2158

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BedroomBedsBespoke Adjustable Beds

Different Sizes in Width

Single Image result for beds different widths

  • 2ft 6″
  • 3ft
  • 3ft 6″

Double (One Piece Mattress)

  • 4ft
  • 4ft 6″
  • 5ft
  • 6ft


  • 5ft
  • 6ft




Relaxor Ultra Massage System

The Relaxor helps smooth tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth.

With a separate handset you can control different zones built into the mattress to target where you need the relaxing vibration to work.

10 point zone massage system with 100’s of unique combinations to help you relax.




Motion Sensor Under Bed Lighting 

The Supreme Adjustable Bed can be purchased with motion-sensing under bed lighting

Warm LED strip lighting runs right round the base of the bed and illuminates the floor of your room when you step out of bed in the night!



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Additional Storage

The Supreme Adjustable Bed has an integral foot-end or side storage drawers that is fabric lined in the same material as the base and headboard. The roomy, smooth-runner drawer provides a useful place to store bedding, towels, books, shoes etc.






Size: 5ft Twin, 6ft Twin
Colour: Shark Grey, Royal Cream, Chocolate Brown
Massage: One Side + £195, Both sides + 390, No

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